The Butterfly Lion

Imagine a place, where there is fluffy soft grass, where there are muscular animals racing and running through the big, wide fields of Africa. It is here where a little lion called Bertie lived.

Bertie, who was very young and clumsy, always got lost. Bertie’s mum and dad (Ella and Ben) never trusted him hunting with them, because he got lost and fell into big holes. Bertie, who always scared all of his mum and dads prey away, went exploring one day. He saw a cool place to hang out and he sat down. He started too see the sunset. It was turning night.

He fell asleep and found that when I woke up, he was in a circus. He felt worried and scared. He fainted. He woke up and luckily, his mum and dad were there. They had followed the circus people and they had sneaked in. He was happy as they were a sight for saw eyes.

His family took him home and never let him out alone again.

By Destiny


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