The Mischievous Polar Bears in the Arctic

The snowy white polar bears with a little baby on it’s back was walking to its home slowly so the baby didn’t cry. First however, they went to catch some fish for their dinner as they had none at all.

They went to catch some for dinner but there was none and they fell in but the baby was still on it’s back. The adult bear swam to land near their home and nearly caught some fish.

The polar bears were walking to a big space to make a house for them to live in so they did not get any colder. They a made an igloo for them and tried to make it big enough for the big polar bear to fit. They went to sleep and tried to make a fire to heat up all of the fish they collected so they had something to eat so they do not starve. The polar bear went home and went to bed with its baby for the night and ate their food then went to bed until tomorrow.

When they woke up, they went fishing again to get more food and they were successful to catch more fish. They caught loads of fish for them to eat so they do not starve. So that night they warmed the fish so they can eat, sleep and relax before they went to sleep.

By Ella and Brooke.


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