The Zombie in the Forest

Deep within the dark, gloomy forest, there was a zombie, who had ripped clothes, scars all over his body and a melted down face. Its was coming towards us with a deadly rusty axe. Suddenly, the zombie stopped right at us and stared at us like he was going to kill us. All of a sudden, without warning, he turned around…

We ran as fast as lightning to an old, creaky and rotten house. We got in the locked the door. Ten minutes later, there was banging on the door, then it stopped then an axe went though the door. We went into an other room and we looked into a mirror and there was a strange reflection of a little girl. Then we went into an other room and the girl ran past us. All of a sudden, the windows shut and the doors slammed and we tried to get out but we got cornered by a creepy girl…

It was all a dream.

by Lucas and David


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