As soon as we got to Worksop train station, we waited util the train got here and we all said good bye to our parents and grandmas and grandads and then we got on a train to Sheffield train station. When we got there, we got off and went on a different train straight to Hathersage. As soon as we got to Hathersage, we went to St Michael’s where we were sleeping. At night time we got our walking boots on and we went on a walk through the grave yard.

When we got back we went to bed and got up Monday morning. Miss Bird got us up and we came down for breakfast and then we got dressed and we went orienteering with Mr Machin and Miss Carter. After that we got back and had food, got into our water proofs and we walked down to the river. and we went in the river and it was cold but really, really fun.

On Tuesday, the other group went into the water but we went hiking and it took us three hours to get to Stanage Edge and three hours back but we took some short cuts. We got back and went into the shower and then we had food and then went to bed ready for Wednesday.

On Wednesday, we went to the church first and then we went to see Little John’s grave and little John was under the tree. We then went to the park and had lunch and then we went and played on the park. After this, we then went to Hathersage train station, got on the second train and then we got the train to Sheffield and then to Worksop train station and then we went home with our parents.

By Dakota



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