Hathersage Trip

On Sunday 3rd December, my class went to Hathersage. First we got on a train and stopped at Sheffield train then got on another train to Hathersage. When we stopped there, we had to walk to the place were we were staying. As we got to the St Michael’s,  where we were staying, this lovely lady called Rachel, who worked at the place, came out to us and told us what we needed to do. Then we got inside and hung our coats and bags. We went into the lounge room and she said she would will give us a tour of the room and the bathrooms. After that our teachers told us what room we were in.

The next day, we woke up got dressed and then had breakfast which was very nice. After that we sorted our packed lunches for the day and when out to climb to Stanage Edge. We walked 5 miles. It was amazing to see the view on the top of the hills. I felt like I was on top of the world it was so high. Then we had our lunch. Then we got right to the top and sat on some bricks. After that we started to walk back and we all got very tired and didn’t want walk back. We had to go all that way back but it felt quick.

As we got back before the others, Miss Bird let us have hot chocolate to get warm. Then the others got back and they were wet and cold from the stream. They all went in the shower but there was only two showers so we all had to wait.

As they came through the door, Miss Carter was wet and damp. After we all had a shower, we all had tea.

by Destiny and Alivia S


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