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Polar Bears Go Fishing

One cold day, three cubs and their mum went fishing. One of the cubs slipped into the water and mum bear got him out and then the baby bear said “thanks Mum.”

“It’s okay but next time don’t fall in”said mum. The third baby bear screamed “Argh!” and Mum bear screamed “there’s a human trying to kill us” and the human said”don’t worry I don’t want to hurt you, can I help you go fishing?”

“Yes you may help us fish ”

By Alex and Kewin

Polar Bears Fishing

One day in the freezing and snowy Antarctic there were four fluffy polar bears. One of the polar bears was daddy polar bears who was always trying to find food for his children. The second polar bear was 12 years old and always has fun in the snow.

The next day the four polar bears went on a walk down the riverside.

Owen and Daniel