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Our Days in Hathersage

First we got on a train to Sheffield then caught another to Hathersage. Then we walked to St Michael’s (where we slept). We sat down in the social room and we got told where our dorms were and we got told some rules. We then went to our dorms and made our beds. Then we went back down and then we had our dinner at half past 6 o’clock.

After that we went to play for 3 hours and then we upstairs and got in our pj’s and we went to bed but we had half an hour to chat and then we went to bed but before we went to bed we brushed our teeth.

On Monday the next day, we went to brush our teeth and then we went to get breakfast and went to play a bit. We then made our dinner and went to Stanage edge (my partner was doing pond dipping first). We had a 4 and a half mile walk to Stanage edge. When we were, there we had our dinner on a big hill and then we went on a short cut back to St Michael’s. My partner went in the water and tried to get fish.

On Tuesday, my partner went on the Stanage edge walk and we went pond dipping.

By Brooklin