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First we went on a train to Sheffield. It took about 15 minutes. Then we went off the train and waited 20 minutes for the train to Hathersage then it took about 13 minutes to get to Hathersage.

When we got there, we had a 15 minute walk to get to the centre then we parked our stuff in to our dorms then tried our walking boots on. After that we tried our water proofs on then we went to a grave yard at 7 o’clock with Mr Huthart. It took about 18 minutes and then Rachel sat us down and told us some rules then we went to bed. I was with LiL, Jess, Brooke and Dakota.

The next day we went and had break fast and then we made are sandwiches.  We got put in separate groups. Alivia went on a 4 and a half mile walk. First Mr Machin put us in groups and I went with Aaron. We all had a map and we had to look for clips and stamp them on a card. Me and my partner were first to find them all and get them all right. Once we had done that we had to do a course and we were first and guess.

After lunch, we went back to the centre and put some wellies and then we put our water proofs on and then we walked to the stream and tried to catch some fish (I saw a dead fish). Then we went to the deep end of the lake and caught a rubber duck. Then we went to a even deeper end and I fell over twice. I ran as quick as a flash and emptied my wellies. They were half full of water and then we got out and went to the centre and had a shower and put our pyjamas on. Then we had our tea and then we got are sweets and watched Home Alone 1. We then went to bed and stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning. The the next day we went on a 4 and a half mile walk

by Elisha, Fynley and Alivia W

The Silent House

One spooky stormy night there was a little, silent house. One day, two children crept near the house. In the legend of this house, a silent beast lived in the rotten house. The legend went onto say that the two children, Jimmy and Tom, would find out if this magical legend is true.

They entered the house. Everything was silent until the sound of foot steps in their presence. Without warning, they could hear howling from the moon. It was the full moon. They thought the creature could be a werewolf. They shook. A miniature dog came and the silent creature crept behind the dog and said “BOO! I found you”, then the creature looked up at Jimmy and Tom and said “Hi my name is Poppy, I’m a vampire but I’m not going to hurt you.”

A few weeks later, they became friends but something else lived in the silent house. They will never find the secret of the silent house and who dares to live there next. It could it be spying on them right now…

By Elisha