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Mayan Blogging Afternoon

This afternoon, Peregrine class have been taking part in a range of activities based on the Ancient Maya. At the start of the afternoon, the children examined how the Anicent Maya made and used a range of masks. Once we did this, the children then began to create their own masks.

Whilst we were doing this, we also tried traditional Mayan hot chocolate. To make this, the we added cinnamon and chilli to hot chocolate.


Balanced Argument

Dear Bertie,

I am writing to you about the rights and the wrongs of your white lion cub staying at home. These are the reasons both for and against keeping him at home.

Mr first reason why the lion should stay at home is that he will not have a proper home at the circus and will therefore be lonely.

On the other hand, if he does go, he will be exercised and trained with people. If he does go, then he will also be fed properly.

My second reason is, if he does go, he will be picked on, poked and laughed at.

A further point is that, if he goes quickly, he can make new friends and settle in and will be treated properly.

Furthermore, I believe that the white lion cub should stay for different reasons. I personally believe that the lion cub should stay because he will be frightened if he leaves Bertie.

Yours sincerely,


By Leilani B

Setting Descriptions

This week in English, Peregrine Class have been examining how to create effective setting descriptions. Here’s an example of the descriptions that we have created today by using features such as similes, metaphors, personification, expanded noun phrases and relative clauses:


‘In the middle of New York, a multi-coloured house sat. It’s windows were blue, green, red and yellow. A tall skyscraper, which was as blue as the sky, stood nearby touching the sky with it’s head. A lengthy bridge stretched across the city.

There were lots of plants sat inside the small house. The ground around was dull and grey. Lights dangled from the bridge like lanterns. A warm glow issued from the light house. Lights were lit all over the city. Cars crawled as the traffic came to a halt on the bridge,a piercing light glowed from the skyscraper.’


George M


‘In the dark, gloomy night, a city was standing there all lit up. The buildings were tall and magical and in the heart of all those buildings was a multi-coloured, vibrant glass house. The house shined across the galaxy with it’s bright colours and it was laying under a long. brightly lit up suspension bridge.

Next to it was a dark sea that was lit up by all the magical lights and colours. Behind the magical building were all the tall skyscrapers and hotels that were shining up the city.’

Alex A


‘The colourful glass house, which was in the middle of a busy city, stood below the roads where cars flew across like aeroplanes. The city glowed as bright as fireworks. It was as posh as china pottery in a fancy hotel. The house was as big as a normal house. It was beautiful as a rich house. It had shiny, colourful panes but unlike the panes in any old house.’

Leilani B


Mexico Fact File


Today in Geography, we researched different facts about Mexico in order to complete a fact file about the country. Here are some of the facts that we found;

  • Mexico’s capital city is Mexico City
  • 129,163,074 people live in Mexico
  • The climate in Mexico is hot and humid
  • Mexico is surrounded by the United States of America, Cuba, Belize, Columbia and Venezuela
  • The government in Mexico is known as the Presidential Federal Republic
  • Mexicans tend to eat spicy food
  • Day of the Dead is a well known Mexican holiday.

Expanded Noun Phrases


This morning in English, Peregrine Class have examined how to write expanded noun phrases and how to include them in our writing. Here are some examples of our work:

The skinny winged heron with the long neck and the pointy beak was landing on the safe, dirty stick

  • Alivia S

The dark, scariness surrounded the glowing globe.

  • Jessica H

The miniature, glowing globe was shining on the two delightful boys.

  • Leilani B

The big, long bird who was sat on a brown stick had funny feathers.

  • Olivia B

The skinny, little bird with the grey and ginger wings was flying along the bright blue sea.

  • Destiny C

The skinny, winged heron with the very sharp claws.

  • Gracey-Mae S