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The Four Polar Bears

In a glistening land of ice and snow, there were four polar bears who were as white as winter wonder. They live in an ice palace.

One day, the ice started to melt. Suddenly, there was a magical book that told them how to cure their home from melting. They set off on one stormy night. It was hard for the three cubs. Then, an evil ice queen shouted at the cub for walking on her.

“How dare you! Go to find my cure! If you complete these challenges, I will give you the cure” She screamed angrily, “the first challenge will be to sneak the ice emerald out of my iced up hand”. They realised that the ice queen could teleport and melt into the snow.

They finally did it. They were so happy, they were amazed! They pounced home to the ice palace. When they got there, they realised that there was a dint in the ice to put the cure in. The cure turned in to a frosted Ruby but it wasn’t a ordinary Ruby, it was clear, but then…

by Olivia and Elisha

Mayan Blogging – My mask and Chilli Hot Chocolate

I had fun doing my mask because I got to draw and colour, it was really fun, I loved it. After that we tasted chilli hot chocolate. I didn’t like it but some people did, they even drank it whole and asked for more! I found that a bit weird because I liked it a little bit but I wouldn’t try it again!

By Olivia