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The Butterfly Lion Diary Entry

 20th October 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was a dreadfully ,bad day for me. I woke up to a fine, little bit of sunlight through my ragged up curtains and an envelope at the side of my bed. I opened it up the letter and found out it was from my mother. She wrote to me about how much she misses me and how she can’t wait for me to come back home for Christmas. Christmas is a long, long way away. I sat and cried and cried until there was a puddle on the floor next to me. I love my mum and I miss her so much.

After I ate my breakfast, I hid the letter that my mum sent me and headed off to my English lesson. On my way to English, guess who I bumped into? Basher Beaumont! I tried to keep on walking but I couldn’t, he stood in my way. Without warning, he had smeared shoe polish in my hair and ran off laughing. What else could go wrong?

In English I finished my test and handed it in to my horrible teacher who hates me. He didn’t look happy. A second later, he sent me to the back but he followed me with the biggest, heaviest book in his hand. He placed the book on my head and told me to balance it on my head his, favourite torture.

That’s the moment when I decided to run way. I have had enough of boarding school. I’ll run away to…London, the best city ever! I’ll run through the hole in the gate at break time and run until I can’t see boarding school. Then, I’ll make my way to the train station and catch a train to London.

I’ll get back to you when I’ve packed my bags

Michael Morpurgo

By Leilani

The Butterfly Lion

Imagine a place, where there is fluffy soft grass, where there are muscular animals racing and running through the big, wide fields of Africa. It is here where a little lion called Bertie lived.

Bertie, who was very young and clumsy, always got lost. Bertie’s mum and dad (Ella and Ben) never trusted him hunting with them, because he got lost and fell into big holes. Bertie, who always scared all of his mum and dads prey away, went exploring one day. He saw a cool place to hang out and he sat down. He started too see the sunset. It was turning night.

He fell asleep and found that when I woke up, he was in a circus. He felt worried and scared. He fainted. He woke up and luckily, his mum and dad were there. They had followed the circus people and they had sneaked in. He was happy as they were a sight for saw eyes.

His family took him home and never let him out alone again.

By Destiny