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The Polar Bears

There were once four polar bears who lived on the moon in an Igloo. The older polar bear went to hunt for shulkers but she met an evoker and was kidnapped. The second polar bear went to find the first and met an enderman and was kidnapped. The third polar bear went out to find the first an second and met a wither and was kidnapped. The fourth however, was too smart and stayed home. The ender dragon (the boss) wasn’t happy. He sent all of his minions to find the fourth polar bear but, try as they might, they could not find her. The ender dragon himself went, found the polar bear and ate her.

Balanced Argument

Dear Bertie,

I am writing to you about the rights and the wrongs of your white lion cub staying at home. These are the reasons both for and against keeping him at home.

Mr first reason why the lion should stay at home is that he will not have a proper home at the circus and will therefore be lonely.

On the other hand, if he does go, he will be exercised and trained with people. If he does go, then he will also be fed properly.

My second reason is, if he does go, he will be picked on, poked and laughed at.

A further point is that, if he goes quickly, he can make new friends and settle in and will be treated properly.

Furthermore, I believe that the white lion cub should stay for different reasons. I personally believe that the lion cub should stay because he will be frightened if he leaves Bertie.

Yours sincerely,


By Leilani B