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The Haunted House

One dark, gloomy night in a haunted pitch black forest lived a gigantic haunted house. The owner was an enormous monster.  He looked like a ball of knotty hair and with crispy, crunchy and crusty eye monster. It was disgusting.

There were loads of people in there, we all needed to help them get out without getting caught. We need an invention to help everyone out before they get injured. We needed to find the door because I had scissors in my pocket. I found the rusty crooked door. I opened it.

We were all quiet. One of our friends was behind the door. We had the key, he slammed it closed and locked it as fast as a racing cheetah. We all needed to jump out of the gigantic broken window. We all jumped out the window.

The monster opened the door, we ran behind the house. The scary monster was thinking where are they?  We all ran out of the forest, far, far away, all the way to a different country and every one was safe.

By Brooke F