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Mayan Blogging – My mask and Chilli Hot Chocolate

I had fun doing my mask because I got to draw and colour, it was really fun, I loved it. After that we tasted chilli hot chocolate. I didn’t like it but some people did, they even drank it whole and asked for more! I found that a bit weird because I liked it a little bit but I wouldn’t try it again!

By Olivia

Mayan Blogging

This afternoon we designed our own Mayan masks. We looked at different gods and animals that the masks represent and all the different patterns and colours. We also tried chilli hot chocolate. It was really weird and a bit spicy with a bit of cinnamon.

Elisha: I loved it so much because I like chilli.

Brooke: I didn’t like it because I have never tried chilli or cinnamon.

Elisha and Brooke.